Miss Vanilla Bean


As always, my life is filled with interesting furry critters.  My latest brush with brilliance in the form of a doggie was Miss Vanilla Bean, my niece’s beautiful, sensitive 2 year old pup.  She was coming to stay at our house overnight while my niece moved her family to Seattle.  My two pups, Oliver and Humphrey, were told ahead of time what to expect and that Miss Bean had recently had some interactions with other doggies who did not respect her, as they should.  She arrived cautious and wary, as expected.

Instead of a calm and mellow greeting, Humphrey and Oliver’s joy at having her arrive at our house was a cacophony of various verbal greetings and crazy displays of joy at a new playmate.  Miss Bean handled it in stride and did her best to take in the tidal wave of sensory overload that ensued.

As the hours wore on, it was clear that she needed to feel safe in this new space with new people and pups and she began to employ her personal toolbox. She wanted these “boys” to know that she was strong and could take care of herself; that she was not to be abused in any way; that she was ever vigilant if they stepped out of line and would be dealt with accordingly.  Her desire to please my niece, to fit into the “mix”, to play and be rowdy and yet still feel safe was very obvious.

She is also very cautious around tall men from previous bad experiences. I employed some tapping on her and we talked to her in loving, positive, empowering ways. My husband and son were able to win her trust by getting down at eye level with her.  Eventually she was able to follow my husband around the house in her darling curious fashion, lay on my son’s lap without fear, and become comfortable enough to roll on her belly in a crowd of people and pups.

Just like people, animals carry their stories with them and they perceive each situation based on “old” stories.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) is an effective way to help animals release old traumas and begin to have experiences that allow for more joy in their lives.

It is my honor to facilitate these transitions with people and animals and I can’t wait for my next grand adventure along the path to wholeness! Come walk with me.




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