About Me

Julie 2016

I have a passion for educating and inspiring people as they discover, explore and validate their own intuitive abilities and wisdom, whether working on their own life challenges or those of their companion animals. Simplicity and clarity are two things I greatly prize and they are at the forefront of every session with my clients.

In 1984, my 3 year old son, Ian, was severely asthmatic and being a working, single mother was challenging at best. I was introduced to whole-food Chinese herbs and the concept that food is medicine. When we adopted this lifestyle change, Ian was symptom-free within weeks and my enthusiasm thrust me headlong into the coaching realm.

I then began to delve in the mind-body-spirit connection and found another fascinating avenue to explore. My psychic training with the Berkley Psychic Institute greatly informs my coaching and animal communication work and I am very comfortable working in the unseen realms.

When you work with me, you have the opportunity to release anxiety, pain, guilt and shame and bring more joy, enthusiasm and passion to your life. Many of the modalities I use work beautifully with animals as well as their people. Together we’ll make space for body wellness and mind-body-spirit integration.

I love to be an advocate for animals and Animal Communication allows me to be a voice for them. Many times their needs are simple and direct. They just need someone who can “speak” for them. Lots of so-called behavior problems are resolved quite easily through clearing emotions that your animal may have and I can help with that. Practical changes can also make life easier for your and your animal and resolve difficulties as well. I simply listen to them and then we can make the needed shifts

I am grateful to call Southern Oregon my home, a place of great beauty. It inspires with it’s wild rivers, pristine lakes, and crisp, clean air.

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