Julie’s ability to bridge two worlds has helped me stay grounded in this 3d world while firmly connecting to my spiritual roots. Her “seeing” is on-point!”

Thank you for your insights and for listening. I hear my own wisdom when I have a session with you!” -Kathy

Your kind and gentle way of coaxing me into my true self has helped me blossom. I have found a listening ear that comes back with wisdom. Book a session with Julie!” -TT

You have helped me to be a more competent and efficient business owner. I feel that my staff has responded so positively to your suggestions that I will continue to implement the ideas you present. AND we are making more money because we are happier at work!” -TRW

You are a logistical genius! My stress at work has greatly diminished and the simple changes that we’ve implemented have helped our office to be more efficient, well-organized and beautiful! The best money I’ve spent on coaching in a long time.” -Sherry

My puppy was anxiety-ridden at the prospect of traveling in the car. Your essential oil blends and custom flower essences made him into a calm passenger who fell asleep and actually enjoyed the ride. Thanks for changing our car life.” -Babs

Your simple method of muscle-testing took all the guesswork out of my next choice for jobs. It’s true, as you said, “The body never lies.” Thanks for teaching this to me and for helping me coax out my true desires for my next job.” -Bonnie T.

Julie is a wonderful combination of patience, knowledge, intuition, caring, and the practical. And she listens, so that gives her the ability to apply those traits for another’s benefit. Thank you, Julie! It has been a joy to work with you!” -BobbiJane

“She has given me so much guidance in the past few years, from helping me heal from a traumatic past, to giving me a better understanding of my sweet pitbull, drastically improving our relationship. Julie is a true angelic soul.” -Lindsay

I love how comfortable Julie makes me feel and that she is genuinely interested in me and how to help and heal me!

She has also introduced me to my personal guides and Angels which I knew were there all along! She has also given me the faith to know that there is nothing wrong with me and that everything I need to know is inside me! And I will forever love her for that!!

With her wisdom, vision and Knowing she has truly helped to shape my life and I am so grateful!” -Sharon

“I can attest to your integrity, your creativity, your on-point ability to intuit the truth in any situation.” -A.C.